Executive Board Spotlight

Lacey Locke- President

Lacey Locke is a 3L student currently working as a 711 Student Lawyer for the Pro Bono Clinic at UIC JMLS.

Her favorite part about being a UIC JMLS student is being able to speak with and learn from her classmates.

When Lacey isn’t in class or studying, she is either watching reality TV, walking by the lake, trying new restaurants, or spending time with her dog, Pickles!

Lacey’s favorite part about being a member on the SBA team is connecting with students, alums, and administration in order to support the student body and improve the student experience. Lacey enjoys working collaboratively with each Board and Legislative member!

Lacey’s Motto: Be Kind. Keep Smiling. Do the Right Thing.

Eleni Eliopoulus

Eleni is a 2L2 currently working at the United State’s Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Illinois. Eleni’s favorite part of being a UIC JMLS student is the close relationships and network that students are able to form with each other. The tight-knit community at the school is amazing and she loves how easy it is to make friends with your fellow classmates.

Eleni’s favorite part about being Vice President of SBA is getting to work alongside of her fellow executive board members. She appreciates working together on events and projects and enjoys that everything the SBA works on is a team effort.

When Eleni isn’t working or studying, she can be found hanging out with her 8-month German Shepherd puppy Luca, spending time with her family and friends or collecting Ruth Bader Ginsburg knickknacks, like books and action figures.

Brandy Johnson- Secretary

Brandy is a 2L1 currently working for the Cook County State’s Attorney Office.

In her free time, she’s an advocate for voting rights, being an active member of her sorority, Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Inc, and being the cool aunt to awesome 5 kiddos.

Brandy is deciding between being a public defender or being a progressive prosecutor. One day, she would like to be an Appellate Defense attorney or part of a conviction integrity unit.

Life motto: “We must become the change we wish to see in the world.”-Ghandi

Natalie Elizaroff- Treasurer

Natalie is a 2L1 student currently working part-time as a law clerk with Advitam, IP, an intellectual property firm dealing with a wide variety of IP matters.

Coming to the United States as an immigrant, Natalie works tirelessly to succeed and is driven to be the best that she could be. She is very involved and currently serves as SBA’s Treasurer, President of the Video Game Law Society, Secretary of the Intellectual Property Law Society, Layout Editor for the Decisive Utterance, and is part of the 2020-21 Review in Intellectual Property Candidacy class.

Natalie’s favorite part about being the Treasurer of the SBA is being able to collaborate with all the SBA members and problem-solve to accomplish results that benefit the entire student body.

When Natalie takes a break, she likes to read books and play video games – and she wants to remind everyone that it is okay to fall, as long as you remember to get back up again.


Fredrick “TJ” Joshua is a 2L and currently the ABA Representative for the Student Bar Association. Before going to law school, TJ worked for a personal injury firm for about ten years. He is not sure what area of law he wants to practice after passing the bar.

TJ likes to play basketball in his free time and enjoys meeting new people.

Brandon Metcalf- IL State Bar Association Representative

Brandon is a 2L here at UIC JMLS.  Currently, he is a law clerk at Amirante Law Offices and sits on the SBA and MELAWDY e-boards at the law school.

Outside of the law school and the firm, you can find him on the track or in the studio.  He’s a passionate motorcyclist and violinist.

Beware, any conversation you start up with Brandon is likely to go on for much, much longer than expected.  Nonetheless, he’s at his happiest when given the chance to meet some new people.

Charity Seaborn- Cook County Bar Association Representative

During the day Charity serves as the Interim Title IX Coordinator and Director of Student Rights & Responsibilities at Roosevelt University.

Prior to classes starting at 6 pm, Charity attempts to engage in the UIC JMLS student community. She is the Cook County Bar Association (CCBA) Liaison and member of BLSA. Charity was a semi-finalist in the Herzog competition Fall 2019 and is on the Employee Benefits Moot Court Team.

Lastly, Charity serves as a Student Ambassador with the Office of Admissions. Charity’s favorite part of her role in SBA is connecting students to the CCBA network, modeling how evening students can create the law school experience they want and building relationships with her peers.

Carley Green- Chicago Bar Association Representative

Carley is a 2L2 student currently working as an extern with the Chicago Park District.

When Carley isn’t at school, she is undoubtedly doing something with her dog Finneas or searching for Chicago’s best dumplings! (@finn.in.the.city)

Aysha Shalabey- Evening Student Liaison

Aysha is 2L2 who was born and raised on the SW side of Chicago. She is currently an extern for a judge in the cook county law division. Aysha is interested in practicing commercial litigation after law school.

Pre-law school, she dedicated the majority of her professional career to anti-oppression work where she primarily helped immigrant survivors of gender-based violence navigate the legal system.

When she’s not working or studying, She travels as much as possible. She loves exploring new places and makes it a point to take one international trip a year. She also loves playing video games with her 5-year-old nephew. Currently, they are both obsessed with “Among Us” & “Imposter”.

Marshall Janevicius- Graduate Student Liaison

Marshall Janevicius is this semester’s SBA graduate student liaison. He is a 3L pursuing a JD/LLM in international business and trade.

Prior to law school, Marshall finished a Masters in European Union Studies from UIUC, which lead him to be interested in assisting fellow graduate students.

Marshall is also a student clinician in the UIC International Human Rights Clinic. In his free time, Marshall enjoys cycling, cooking, and playing music.


Lexi is a 2L2 student currently working as an extern with the Greater Chicago Legal Clinic.

She decided to go to law school while she was serving in the United States Marine Corps so that she could continue to help people in the criminal justice system. Lexi hopes to work as a public defender or with a non-profit after graduation.  She also loves The Office, crafting, crocheting, and hiking.  Also pictured is her adorable, 5-year old, pit bull Aniston Green, who also enjoys hiking and chasing squirrels.

Lexi’s favorite part of being the Alumni Relations Liaison is getting to connect Alumni with current students.  Lexi also loves running the Public Interest Scholarship which helps students planning on pursuing a career in public interest finance their law school education!

(If before November 3) If Lexi could ask one favor of every JMLS student she would ask them to vote on November 3!

Lexi wants to remind all JMLS students to give themselves and others extra grace and love this semester as we’re all trying to get through these unusual circumstances as best we can!