1L Legislative Representatives

Patricia Hatzopoulos- 1A Rep

Patricia Hatzopoulos is a 1L1 student at UIC JMLS that hopes to continue to get involved on campus.

Her favorite part about UIC JMLS so far has been getting to know her classmates and adjusting to the demands of law school. When she is not stuck in her home office doing school, she loves to spend time with her family and try new restaurants.

Patricia grew up in the north suburbs of Chicago and loves to explore new neighborhoods of the city any chance she gets.

Patricia’s favorite part about being 1L Representative is representing a fantastic cohort (shoutout to Cohort 1A!) and being able to voice their concerns. She’s looking forward to a great rest of her 1L year!

Reema Holz- 1B Rep

Reema Holz is a 1L1 also currently serving in the Army.

Her favorite part about being a UIC JMLS student during these unprecedented times is the ability for everyone to still interact as there isn’t a pandemic (almost).

She loves spending time with her cat and dog and hiking!

Reema’s favorite part about being an SBA Legislative Representative is being able to keep her cohort informed.

Reema’s motto: Never Give Up.

Nicole Vanek- 1C Rep

Nicole is a 1L1 representing section 1C. She recently graduated from Indiana University Bloomington with degrees in Psychology and Criminal Justice.

In her free time, Nicole enjoys traveling. A few years ago she spent her entire summer exploring Europe when she studied abroad in Copenhagen, Denmark. Nicole also enjoys spending time with her friends and family, and playing with her dog, Blue.

Nicole is looking forward to getting to know her classmates and peers here at UIC Law and being a representative for her section.

Andrea Carro- 2A Rep

Andrea Carro is the 1L Cohort 2A representative! She currently works as a paralegal at a small personal injury firm on the northwest side of Chicago.

As a student representative for her cohort, she hopes to be the best voice she can be for her fellow classmates. Her favorite part of being a UIC JMLS student has been getting to know her fellow classmates and developing a sense of community.

When she is not at school or work, she is hanging out with her cat Milo, spending time with friends or playing Pokemon Go. She is an avid fan of the bachelor series and enjoys watching MTV.

A quote Andrea has found inspirational is “Never give up, great things take time.”

Oliver Kassenbrock- 2B Rep

Oliver Kassenbrock is a 1L1 at UIC John Marshall. He is excited to be here with his wonderful classmates, even in this very strange time to be starting law school.

He came to law school after working professionally in technical theater for several years, focusing mainly on lighting and sound. He can solve a Rubik’s cube in less than 2 minutes and knows a surprising amount about the rules of competitive air guitar. He has also traveled to every inhabited continent (and he plans to get to Antarctica someday).

In his limited free time, he loves to watch hockey, tackle various creative and/or home improvement projects, and spend time with his girlfriend (a fellow UIC Law student) and their two cats.

Kathryn Kistner- 2C Rep

Kathryn Kistner is currently a 1L representative for her 2C Cohort. Her favorite part about being a UIC JMLS student is meeting new people.  It can be really intimidating to start law school especially in the middle of a pandemic, but within the first few weeks, she was able to create virtual study groups and make new friends that she can go to for help about assignments or just to chat with after a long week or exam.

When Kathryn isn’t at school, she likes to relax by binging her favorite shows, grabbing drinks with friends, and spending time with her family and, of course, her dog, Kegs.

Kathryn is excited about being the SBA Representative and can’t wait to see what the rest of her law school experience has in store for her!

A fun fact about Kathryn:  She has wanted to be a lawyer since she was 5 years old! She has already made it this far, nothing can stop her now from achieving her goal!

Ashley Shannon- 3A Rep

Ashley Shannon (she/her/hers) – Ashley is the SBA 1L3A Representative. She joined SBA to continue advocating for students’ voices to be heard during these difficult times.

Ashley earned her Masters in Studies of Law and writing a thesis on the collateral consequences of probation and the racial implications they have on our justice system. After working in a medium-security male prison as a counselor for 10 months, she decided to earn her JD to reform criminal laws, increase exoneration rates and lower the mass incarceration rates hindering the progression of the Black community.

Fun fact: In 2016, Ashley was crowned as a part of ISU’s 1st Black Homecoming King and Queen couple! #BLM

Korren Campbell- 3B Rep

Korren is currently a 1L1 who just moved to Chicago from the Eastern Shore of Maryland. She attended the University of Delaware for undergrad where she was a part of the Woman’s Rowing Team.

Korren wanted to become an SBA representative to better help her peers and herself navigate the newfound world of online law school. Additionally, she is excited to begin contributing and meeting other students.

When she isn’t doing schoolwork, she loves exploring the city, finding new coffee shops, and spending time with friends.

Emmanuel Byarm- 3C Rep

Hi, I am Emmanuel Byarm and I’m living the dream! I am an avid snowboarder, scuba diver, and concert attendee. I also have a vast love for community service and helping the youth attack problems of the future. I currently sit on an Advisory Board for Young Invincible’s and we help the national organization with state-specific goals regarding education, workforce, and healthcare.

The second biggest thing about me is I am a die-hard Eagles fan and every Sunday you can catch me yelling at the TV!