2L Legislative Representatives

Christopher Abbasi- 2L1

Christopher Abbasi is a 2L1 full-time student. His favorite thing about law school is meeting other students who share his passion for tackling the challenges people in marginalized communities face in our justice system.

He joined SBA because of his desire to help others and enhance the student experience at UIC John Marshall Law School.

Christopher earned a B.S. in finance from UIC and subsequently worked for an Alderman on Chicago’s West Side for four years before starting law school. He hopes to use his legal education to build upon his public service experience, both as a student and in his career.

Reham Ali- 2L1

My name is Reham Ali and I’m extremely excited to be on our board. I am originally from Palestine and born in Jerusalem.

As a first-generation law student, I love my roots and hope to one-day practice law overseas in my homeland. I went to UIC for my undergrad and studied disability and human development and criminology.

I joined SBA to create a safe space for all my colleagues to unite and feel support as a community. I always dreamed of working in the law field and absolutely love seeing our law student association grow and be able to represent my class!

Alexcis Ballesteros- 1L2

Alexcis Ballesteros is a 1L2 Representative.

My favorite part about being a UIC JMLS student is connecting with my classmates and sharing new things with each other.

When I’m not at school I enjoy experiencing different cultures and trying new foods! Although I am not the best, I enjoy cooking too. I also enjoy traveling and hiking.

My favorite part about being an SBA representative is collaborating with my classmates on how to improve our community.

Valentina Bartolomeo- 2L2

Hi everybody!! My name is Valentina and I am a 2L2. I currently work at a healthcare firm in the West Loop and hope to remain there after graduating.

UIC JMLS has introduced me to classmates and professors who I will remain connected with for years to come. When my head is not buried in a textbook, I enjoy hanging out with friends, traveling, cooking, and smothering my dog Remy in kisses.

Words to live by? “Don’t stress too much about tomorrow.”

Romen Monen- 2L Part-Time/Evening

Rebecca Monen is a 2L, part-time, evening student. Before deciding to go to law school, she had over a decade of professional experience with fundraising, marketing, and communications in the non-profit sector.

Rebecca is excited to be the SBA’s part-time/evening representative because she wants to ensure their unique needs and voices will be heard within the UIC Law community. She would also be lying if she claimed she wasn’t excited to help plan Barristers’ Ball.

Aside from her love of throwing theme parties and fighting for a more equitable and just society, Rebecca enjoys watching all Indiana sports, traveling the world (someday again!), watching Gossip Girl, and hanging out with her dog, Riggins.

Sara Montes- 2L2

Sara Montes is a 2L 2 currently working as a law clerk at a firm in Park Ridge. Her favorite thing about UIC JMLS is how supportive the community is from her peers to alumni to professors.

When Sara isn’t studying or working, she enjoys watching Gilmore Girls, hanging out with her niece & nephew, and catching up with friends.

She looks forward to being an SBA Class Rep because she understands that as law students we have a lot on our plates and wants to ensure her peers feel their voice is heard amid our large community. She is always willing to listen to others & always there when you need a friend.

Words to live by for Sara: The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.

Andrea Sanchez- 2L2

Andrea Sanchez is a 2L2 who currently clerks for Chitkowski Law Offices.

Her favorite part of being part of UIC JMLS is being able to share ideas with her peers and professors. When Andrea is not at school, she is playing with her dogs (King and Torretto), hanging out with her family or her boyfriend.

Andrea’s favorite part of being in SBA is having the opportunity to voice her peers’ concerns.

Daniela Velasquez- 2L

I am currently working as an intern at Ascend Justice. I aspire to be an immigration attorney and work in public interest.

One of my favorite things about law school has been how much it challenges me and how many friends I’ve made along the way.  When I’m not studying, I’m either re-watching New Girl or going to get some pizza (Yes, I love pineapples on pizza)!

I am so excited to be an SBA Representative. I love that I have the opportunity to get more involved in school and help my peers out while we work through law school! Feel free to reach out, I love making new friends!